Watch me on The T.V. Show “THE DOCTORS” – UPDATE

January 23, 2015 in featured

Hey guys!

The producers at the Doctors let me know that the story will NOT air tomorrow – but will air in a few weeks.
I had an interview yesterday, and will tape before a live studio audience this Thursday.
I’ll you know as soon as I do about the air date!
Say a prayer for me tomorrow!



Transformation Part 3 (The KEY to a transformed life!)

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Transformation Part 2 (You have PURPOSE)

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Tomorrow is MONDAY!

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It may seem like a harmless approach to diet and exercise, but it’s not harmless at all. It’s actually something that will sabotage many things. Monday will come every week. Will we keep using the same excuse? “I will just wait until Monday!” Develop self-control now, and you won’t have to keep wasting another day to become a better version of you! Let the next bite be the opportunity for you to experience better results. With the next bite comes choice. Choose well! Choose to eat better. Choose to have power over food. Choose to not GIVE IN to something that should not have any power over you. Let’s destroy this unhealthy culture that we developed, ONE STEP at a time.


-Justin Willoughby

Transformation Part 1 (Recognize God’s Love)

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Check out this video to watch part 1 of this weekly video series. ┬áLet’s get transformation this year!


Get Moving!

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Moving is A MUST to make your weight loss goals. I encourage you, get moving. Do you want to see results? You’re not going to see them by sitting down constantly. Treat your body like the gift that it is. You get ONE life. Don’t cut it short by not taking care of yourself. Let’s get moving. You and your friends and family will be happy that you did.


-Justin Willoughby

Speaking in Williamsport, PA on Sunday!

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I am excited to say that I will be speaking at Light and Life Chapel in Williamsport, PA on Sunday morning! If you are in the area, you should come and check it out.

I will be sharing the following.

God is love! He loves you!
You have purpose!
Denying self is KEY to transformation.
Your identity is in Jesus!

This is how transformation happens!

#physicalthursday Easy Ways To Burn Calories!

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Hello friends,
It’s a busy world, is it not? We hardly have time to relax as it is. How on earth are we suppose to get any activity in? Let’s just say it may be a little easier than you think.

1. Time management – Remember, you are your own worst enemy when it comes to time. Besides work schedules, you hold the clock in your hands. Develop the discipline to add a workout to your daily routine. If you can squeeze in 20-30 minutes somewhere, it will help you in the long haul!

2. More steps – Try taking the longer way to your desk. Try power walking on your lunch break. Try walking fast to the bathroom. You can find new ways to take more steps, and even faster steps to burn more calories.

3. 1 minute of power – Do one minute of any type of activity several times during the day. Squats, wall-sit, jumping jacks, stairs, running in place, high knees, etc. Do this 3-5x per day to help burn an extra 30-50 calories in your day!

4. Skip the T.V. – Why waste more prescious time out of your life? Take 30 minutes off of your video game/computer/T.V. time. It will help you get moving. If you have a treadmill or some other type of equipment in your house, why not do that while watching T.V.?

Those are 4 ways things that I do to get moving. Do you have any extra tips? Why not comment them below?

-Justin Willoughby
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Overcoming Addiction Is Possible!

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Addiction is real. Sometimes we feel like we are controlled by it. Why is that? It’s because we give ourselves 100% to whatever it is that we are addicted to. What if we decided to see that for what it is? What if we confessed that we had an addiction to something. What if we admitted it? Would that make it so we could start searching for the possibility of recovery?

See, I believe that admitting that you have an addiction is the first step to becoming better. It’s the first step needed to actually get the help needed. Nothing will change unless you decide to admit to yourself that change is needed.

This isn’t a book pitch. This is a heart to heart from me. If you sit here reading that and you have an addiction to something. Admit it. Stop kidding yourself and admit that you have an addiction and you need to change. Then you need to take the necessary steps to make those changes happen. Set up an appointment to a councilor. Talk to someone. Ask for prayer. The list goes on and on. Today could be your day to change. Why wait another day? The sooner you take action, the sooner you will see results.

-Justin Willoughbyaddiction

Justin’s Secret! Watch My Story!

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