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2005 Article – Teen Loses More Than 400 Pounds

2005 Article – Teen Loses More Than 400 Pounds

This article appeared in the Bradford Era a couple years ago. Justin has lost an additional 150 pounds since it’s printing.

To find out about Justin’s most recent weight loss milestone, read this post- Bradford’s Biggest Loser

Teen loses more than 400 pounds

Bradford Era

BRADFORD, Pa. – A local teenager is not himself these days. In fact, he’s half of what he used to be.

Justin Willoughby – who has lost more than 400 pounds – has been working out vigorously for the past three or four months at the Bradford Family YMCA. In that time, he said he lost about 60 or 70 pounds. Over the span of about two years and two months, he has lost 401 pounds and now weighs 398 pounds.

At his maximum weight, doctors told him that he should see a cardiologist to make sure his heart was in good condition. After losing about 300 pounds and beginning his exercise, he went to see a cardiologist to make sure it was OK for him to begin the YMCA workout.

“I’ve basically tried everything,” Justin Willoughby, 18, said, adding he’s tried diet and weight pills, high-protein diets and Slim Fast. He said there was no surgery involved in his weight loss. Out of all the weight loss efforts he’s tried, he said the YMCA workout seems to be working the best for him.

Willoughby is not alone in his effort to lose weight, however. His family, which includes his father Ron Willoughby, 58, his mother Diane Willoughby, 49, and his older brother Chad Willoughby, 22, has been supporting him by joining his workouts at the YMCA.

“He is the key,” Diane Willoughby said. “He’s the reason we started to go there. And everybody needs exercise to stay healthy.”

The Willoughbys decided to make the workout a family affair. The family works out from about 10 to 11 a.m. every day except on Sunday.

“We spend a couple hours there every day,” Diane Willoughby said. “It also helps me with my arthritis, and my husband’s got a bad back.”

“With more than one person, we have a lot more success,” Justin Willoughby said. “We’re doing things as a family.”

Basically, the family spends time on weights, the treadmills and the bikes. However, they change things up each day.

“I switch it up every day, but I do walk and bench press every day,” Justin Willoughby said.

Some days he rides the stationary bicycle, but other days he doesn’t. Some days he works on his legs, while others he works on his arms and chest. He said he walks about 2 to 2 1/2 miles each day.

“He’s trying to build muscle now,” Diane Willoughby said about Justin Willoughby.

Justin Willoughby said his father just began to lift weights with him, and sometimes they make it into a competition or a game to make it fun or interesting.

“When we go there, it doesn’t have to be boring. It can be fun,” Justin Willoughby said. “Sometimes, we compete against each other on the treadmill. You don’t have to be a robot on the treadmill.”

“Everybody’s doing really good,” Justin Willoughby said. “Our clothes are fitting looser. We got a better attitude and are more outgoing than before.”

Besides the workouts, the family has changed their eating habits.

“I’ve changed everybody’s eating habits in the house,” Justin Willoughby said.

He said they no longer eat white breads. They eat wheat breads and wheat pastas. They have a salad with most meals. They eat a lot of low-fat and fat-free foods.

“We cut out on a lot of stuff,” Justin Willoughby said. “We still can eat anything we want to. We just eat it in moderation.”

Even though Justin Willoughby said he was never really made fun of in life, he has had some embarrassing moments because of his weight problem.

“I was about 650 pounds and would go into Wal-Mart all the time,” he said. “And little kids and older people would look at me. All they did was look at me. It was embarrassing.”

However, he also said he’s got a lot of support from his family, friends and church family.

“I’ve had good friends and support along the way,” he said.

“He’s a miracle,” Diane Willoughby said.

Justin Willoughby said when he’s having a hard time getting through his exercise, he quotes scripture and is able to complete his workout. He is a firm believer in prayer.

“My crutch is Jesus Christ,” he said.

He is a member of the Open Arms Community Church. He said the church has been behind him, and he gave testimony there that he is losing weight through the help of Jesus. He said he’s going to be a minister and will be starting a weight loss ministry at the church.

“It’s really something how far I’ve come,” he said. “There’s a lot of heavy people in Bradford, and I can make a difference. And my family can make a difference.”



Hey friends,

As of Wednesday May 6th, I got a call from Channel 2 News in Buffalo, NY. They are going to do a follow up story on me from two years ago. They are coming Friday around 10a.m to continue the story. I hope it inspires people in Buffalo to get life back in order, and to get moving.

My friend Mike Miller, and I are working on a Biography about my life. It will be released sometime this year, or next. This will include past events of my life in detail, and more. I wanted to give you guys a heads up on that.

I have a facebook account, whoever has a facebook should add me. I would love to be your friend!

More updates will be available as they happen.

Monday May 4th – (Healthy Tip of the Week)

Monday May 4th – (Healthy Tip of the Week)

Hey guys,

I haven’t updated much since the launch, but today I am going to give you a few healthy tips! Now these are everyday tips you can use to become a better you.  These are probably going to sound very familiar, but nevertheless, I will post them.

Healthy Tip #1 – (Eat breakfast: What people don’t understand is, breakfast actually boost the metabolism. It gives it something to feed off of. You want your metabolism to be working to its full potential as y0u start your day. It is then you will feel your desired energy level, and eventually see your desired weightloss. You may be asking “What should I eat for breakfast?” Good question!  Basically you can eat anything you want. You should count calories, and be aware of the fat content. Watch your transfats, and saturated fats. These two types of fats are known to lead to heart disease.  I usually eat (egg whites, toast, spinach, fish, chicken, or fruit) You have a lot of options, take advantage of them. What you feed your body today, makes an impact on what your body will feel like years down the road.)

Healthy Tip #2 – (Exercise: Guys, this is a the NUMERO UNO healthy thing you can do! This will extend your life, make you feel better, help prevent diseases, relieve stress, and prevents weight gain! This is what everyone needs. I started out exercising just walking. I would head to a local walmart, and walk the store. Sometimes I could only walk 500 steps, sometimes 1,000.. but I did get moving, and I did get my body use to such effort. The key is movement, and to get active. I don’t care if it is 5-15 minutes  a day to start out with. GET MOVING! It is the best thing you can do. I know sometimes exercise can be lame, and icky. I recommend music, a workout partner, or t.v as you workout. It will help pass time by, and make exercise a fun activity.)

Okay friends! Thank you for your support, and thanks for your time. Remember to never compare yourself to other people. I believe God made us all different for a reason. You don’t wanna be like me, you wanna be the best version of you that you can be. Never compare yourselves to other people. That will just get you down, and depressed. Focus on your health, and your body! It’s you that your working on changing, not anyone else. STAY STRONG!