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Justin’s journey to connect with “ragingrobert” a man desperate for help!

Justin’s journey to connect with “ragingrobert” a man desperate for help!

It was brought to my attention that a man named Robert Gibbs is in need of help. Robert is a 23 year old who weighs in roughly 600-700 pounds. I have a strong urge to help this man lose the weight he wants to lose. I believe with my experience, I can certainly offer him some much needed guidance and advice. I have attempted to chat with Robert via youtube. I made some video responses, and private messaged him in order to contact him. Please be praying and passing this information a long. Attached is his original youtube video, and my video responses.
Roberts cry for help!
Man who loses 600 pounds wants to help Robert!
Justin Willoughby wants to help Roger shed unwanted weight!
I want to help Robert! I use to weigh 799 pounds!

Coming Soon The ALL New

Coming Soon The ALL New

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