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This or That?

This or That?

When you begin to enter the weight loss world, you will hear of people talking about what’s healthier. Is sugar or fat healthier? If people asked me the question, I would consider fat over sugar. I pick fat for multiple reasons. Firstly, fat will satisfy your appetite a lot more than sugar does. Fat can actually help your blood cholesterol levels to become healthier, it can actually lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. I choose to eat more plant based fats, but I am not against eating fats from meat and dairy. Saturated fat is fine in moderation, just like all other fats are. As we all know, we should keep our eye out for the man made trans fats. Those fats are the bad fats. Pretty much anything manmade is no good for us.  So eat your fat over your sugars.

Now when I say no sugar, I am not against all sugar. I am against the processed sugars. I stay away from white carbs and candy. Those sugars will spike my blood sugar quickly and cause it to drop quicker. I do choose to eat fruits that are lower in sugar and higher in fiber content. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are my usual go to fruits. I save my sweeter fruits for those emergency situations. You know, those times when I want to splurge on candy and ice cream? A nice peach or a banana will help that craving. It can also help your craving. See, you don’t need the extra sugar. You can live without it. Man has perverted the food supply of our world. Originally, we had God-given foods at our fingertips. Fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. What we did was take those created items and we added preservatives to them. Why? Because we wanted to sell and make money. Do you want to see the difference between healthy food and man-made food? Just put a fruit out next to a fast food burger. Let it sit there for 3 weeks and you will see the difference. You will see what preservatives do to the junk we are consuming. Will it preserve us as well as it does the food we consume? No, it will kill us. Because we weren’t created to eat that junk.

Overall: Get more protein and fat in your diet. Don’t get your fat from processed meats either, get it from turkey, fish, chicken and beef. You can also get it from dairy. I consume anywhere between 50-80 grams of fat per day, most of that is Monounsaturated fat. I consume between 70-110 grams of protein per day, and about 70-90 carbs per day.  I am also an active person and I work out 5-6 days a per week.  My numbers vary as will yours. I’m not looking for you to get technical with me here, I just wanted to show you how my dietary numbers looked. Remember, not everyone is the same. You will all be different. See what best works for you. I just recommend staying away from the fat free and the sugary foods. Stay away from the sugar free foods. Stay as natural as possible and be active. With that advice, you will go far.


Serious weight loss

Serious weight loss

Serious Weight loss

by Justin Willoughby



I’ve been told many times the same words. “I want to lose weight and be healthier.” I admire the words, but the words are just that, words. It’s one thing to say that you want to do something, it’s another to actually do something about it. Is it hard to lose weight? The answer may be a yes or a no. Is it hard to become a healthier person? Again, the answer may be a yes or a no. For some people, giving up junk food is as easy as breathing, it just comes natural for them. Other people will have a difficult time giving up junk food, because they have been enslaved to their appetite for some time. When I hear someone tell me that they want to lose weight, I can usually tell if they are serious about it or not. To be honest, becoming a healthier person is really not that difficult. It’s the process along the way that can really challenge people. It’s giving up eating junk everyday and picking healthier options. It’s actually getting out of our seats and moving. It’s exercising self-control, it’s trying to manage to stress, it’s trying to get better sleep. With all those little challenges, I can see why it’s hard for the majority of people to shed unwanted pounds and become healthier.

You see, taking your health seriously is something we all should be doing. Besides, our body is a gift and we should treat it as such. We live like it’s just an ordinary thing, and while it may seem ordinary, it’s far greater of a blessing than what we give it credit for. That being said, we live in a culture today that has food all over the place. Food that is easily accessible and convenient. The problem with that? We don’t realize the damage that it is doing to us. One of the first things you could do to become a healthier you, is to stop eating the easily processed foods. Think about it, a world that is full of fast food joints, and most of those fast food joints don’t even have “real” food to give you. What they have are artificial foods that come from the real thing, because if they served you the real thing, they would lose money. How would that happen? Because if they were to give you real food, it wouldn’t last as long as their artificial garbage that they feed millions. Are you on track to becoming serious about your health? Stop eating the stuff. But like I said, some people may have an easier time doing this than others. How can you give it up easily? To be real with you, if you developed a habit over the years of eating the foods, and you somehow got attached to these foods, you will have a hard time not eating them. You let those foods consume you instead of you consuming those foods. You just developed a minor addiction.

If you are one of those people who say, “I want to lose weight.”, then you have to be real with yourself. Don’t just say the words and expect the fat to drip off of you. Expect to do the work that it took to put on that weight. Yes, you read right, it took work to put on the pounds. You sacrificed the healthy habits and went out of your way to make sure that you got the food that tasted good. You didn’t pay attention to the damage that it does to your wallet, you didn’t pay attention to the health insurance you will probably be paying for in the future, you didn’t really think about your family. You even went as far as blocking out the studies that have been done about fast foods and junk. You did a lot of work to gain that weight. It just seemed easy because it was convenient. I am challenging you, reader, to make a choice today to become a healthier you. When you say those words, mean it. Devote your life to becoming a healthier you. Some of us may not be like those people who can easily give up junk food or fast food, but everyone has their battles that they face. It may be easier for those people to say no to food, but what about soda? What about slacking on the activity? Healthy eating is not the only thing that makes you healthier. It also takes a little bit of activity. My challenge to you is this: make small changes. Give your body what it needs to become healthier. That’s whole God-given foods and activity. Don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect and I don’t always eat whole foods. Sometimes our wallet is empty and we can’t afford the whole foods. You will have to find whatever you can that does not have the man made preservatives put in them. But that is a whole other blog. Until then, let’s take ONE STEP to better health. Make the “I want to lose weight and become healthier.” quote a confident one.

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