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This Can Help Anyone Lose Weight….

This Can Help Anyone Lose Weight….

The ultimate reality is this. Weight-loss is possible for every person. If you have a health problem, an under active thyroid, slow metabolism or whatever else. You can lose weight. Understanding this will help you move forward with your eyes looking neither to the left nor the right. You can have tunnel vision on success, and success is right in front of you.

If you are like the average person, you like to enjoy your weekends. Welcome to the club! I love to enjoy my weekends. After a long week of work and being able to finally relax and have a weekend to yourself, you tend to want to enjoy yourself. Enjoying yourself ends up being in the realm of relaxation (inactivity) and food. Does this sound familiar? We want to kick back and take our minds off of work and the hectic life that Monday-Friday brings us. So we indulge in our recliner or bed, and we serve ourselves up some good, not so healthy food. STOP RIGHT THERE! This will not bring you success!

Why won’t that type of life bring you success? Because ultimately, you are robbing yourself of experiencing a healthier more fulfilling life. Don’t get me wrong. I love taking a day off and not exercising. I love indulging on my favorite treats. I was that guy. I decided to indulge in my favorite sweets, well, pretty much a whole container of my favorite sweets. I would follow it up with some pizza or a 12 inch sub sandwich. I OVER indulged. I didn’t have self-control. Due the lack of self-control, I sabotaged my efforts and progress that I made Monday-Friday. Was it wrong that I ate pizza and sweets? No. But it would have helped if I didn’t use the weekend as an entitlement mentality to pig out. By cramming so much food into one single weekend, I did not see results. I ended up putting pounds back on, only to take them off by the weekend again, and putting them back on over the weekend. It was a wicked cycle. Pacing myself and self-control would have helped me in such a positive way.

Do you find yourself in this rut? Good news! There is hope to get through it. Here are some key ways to overcome this cycle.
1. Plan your weekends out.
2. Pace your cheats. (Don’t eat a whole pizza and a box of cookies in one sitting. Have a few slices and a few cookies and wait to see if it satisfies you.)
3. Substitute. (Find healthier options.)
4. Don’t cheat. (Some people are in a place where one cheat leads to a big cheat. That means you don’t cheat until you can control your urges.)

I know there are other options to help us in the development of self-control. But these are the few that have crossed my mind from experience. Losing 600lbs was not easy. I had to learn as I went along on that journey. I now share my experience with you. Apply these practical steps, and you will experience ONE STEP SUCCESS!

-Justin Willoughby

Only a Few People Can Say This Word….

Only a Few People Can Say This Word….

Only a Few People Can Say This Word….tempatation2

It’s a word that has been used for ages, but not many people like to use it. Do we forget the meaning? Do we forget that it exists? Why do we have a

hard time pronouncing it? The word NO. Don’t stop reading. Let me inform you how important this word is to your health.  When was the last time you said “NO!” to your co-worker who offered you a sweet treat? When was the last time you told yourself “NO!” when it came to going through the

drive-thru? When was the last time we decided to say “NO!” to the urge to be lazy for the day and to not get active?

The word no has sabotaged good people into making bad choices. How many pounds would we have saved ourselves if we would have just used the word? The word no exists for a reason. When used in its proper placement, it’s a very powerful word. The truth is, you don’t have to be a YES MAN! You have a right to say NO to any temptation. Did you know that temptation does not dictate you? Did you know that you have the power to overcome it?

Saying NO gives you freedom. It gives you control over yourself and your cravings. When we master the art of saying NO, we will see a our health under a different light. I was a YES MAN to food for a long time. It wasn’t until I started to say NO to my cravings that I started to lose weight. It’s then I started to shed unwanted weight. It’s then I became stronger at the buffets, the dinner tables and at work. Remember that your life matters. Treat it like it does. By saying NO to things that will hurt you, you will put you back in charge of your life, and that will help you become a stronger person to stand up underneath your temptations. YOU CAN BE SET FREE! Let’s say it together. NO!

– Justin Willoughby