Healthy Tips Of The Week (May 26th,2009)

Hey guys,

the healthy tips may look a little different today. I am going to give you guys a sample day of my life. I will show you what I eat, and what I do in a normal day.


Wake up!

7 or 8a.m – I make breakfast (Breakfast consists of 4 pieces of light wheat bread, and 4-8 egg whites, with no butter. I usually make a few egg sandwiches. I put Spinach on the sandwiches to add fiber, and a serving of veggies.

– I exercise. I do 2 hours of walking (usually consisting of 4-6 miles) or I go to the YMCA, and work out for about an hour, or an hour and a half. The machines I use are usually the Elliptical, or Arc Trainers. –

I go home, and eat lunch. I usually eat a salad, with a piece of chicken on it. This usually consists of many different veggies. Use your head on what you think would taste good for you.

I will drink some diet soda, or some coffee throughout the day.

I usually eat a snack during the day. I will either have some type of fruit, or baked potato chips, or another small salad. I love salads!

I try to walk another mile throughout the day.

I drink 6-10 glasses of water a day.

When the day ends, I usually get bored.. so I tend to wanna eat. I usually will grab a few hard boiled eggs.. or make myself some tuna fish, and make a half of tuna fish sandwhich.


I know some of these things look odd, but this has helped me lose a bunch of weight. Like I said, this is just a sample day of my diet, and fitness activities. I will include more as the weeks progress!

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