May 18th – Healthy Tip of the Week!

Hey guys!

     It’s been a bit, but I am here to offer you some new healthy tips of the week.


Healthy Tip#1 – Don’t do it the low carb way! I hear many people trying to do a low carb diet. You need carbohydrates for energy! Carbs give you energy throughout the day.  When we limit carbs, you do lose weight… but it is not the healthy way to do it. A few things low carb diets can do to you.

1. It causes bad breath. YIKES!
2. It can lead to dehydration (Dehydration can cause other types of problems).
3. Constipation (Stinks not being able to poop.) haha!
4. Vitamin Deficiency (This can lead to many other problems as well.)

The key to lose maintain a healthy lifestyle, is to include carbs, protein, and fats. You need all three in your diet for the best results. What you feed your body today, will determine how it responds in the future. Your best bet is to eat lots of fruits, and veggies. This will help you get your vitamins, and minerals. They say 5 servings of fruit, and veggies a day can help reduce many types of diseases.

Healthy Tip#2 – Set some weightloss goals. Setting goals will help you stay on track. An example would be as follows…(I want to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks.) You aim for that goal, and you go all out until you reach it. If you reach your goal a few weeks early, good for you. Set up another goal. Don’t stop just because you reached your goal. Set another! It will help you stay motivated.


Thank you guys, keep your eyes open for the newsletter coming out tomorrow!


-In Christ

(Justin Willoughby)