Monday May 11th – (Healthy Tip of the Week)

Hey guys,

It’s Justin Willoughby filling you in on the health tip of the week!

Health Tip #1 – Eat your fruit! Did you know high fiber foods make you feel full longer? I have practised this little recommendation, and I have found that it does indeed work. You can get high fiber from many different foods. (Apples, Spinach, Whole grains, Popcorn, Sweet Potatoes, Oatmeal, and more.) Those are just some, you can check the labels on the food to see just how much fiber is in the food selection. This will help you feel full longer, and you will want to eat less.

Health Tip #2 – Make sure you drink your water. Staying hydrated is important for a healthy diet. If you want to remain healthy, you will want to drink plenty of water. Water has no calories, it will not make you gain any weight. The only weight you will gain from water is from it sitting in your stomach after you drink it. Water will help you have a full feeling, water will help you feel better, and it will also make your skin feel softer over time. Water has many benefits, did you know water makes up most of the human body? Interesting how God made us that way isn’t it?


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