WGRZ News (My Side)

Hey guys, I appreciated the fact that WGRZ News put me on the show. I am thankful for that. They forgot to mention some things that I wanted to get across. First off, my faith got me through this. If it wasn’t for Jesus, I would never have gotten through this weight. I would have died, and never would have experienced a good life.

Second, I had a lot of support from my church family, and many friends at the YMCA, and even friends who stuck near me the whole time. Larry Petry, Josh Hatcher, The Campbell Family (Gage, Dennis, Becky, Ariel), Chris Abrams, My Parents, Mike McAvoy, Marne McAvoy, Zoe Hatcher, Michelle M., wow.. so many friends. Those are just a few. Thank you everyone for your help! I love you all! I am thankful for your inspiration!

Thank you everyone who has been praying for me, and seeing Jesus through me. Please continue to pray for me, as I do need to lose another 50 pounds.

Once again, thank you!