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Healthy Tips Of The Week (May 26th,2009)

Healthy Tips Of The Week (May 26th,2009)

Hey guys,

the healthy tips may look a little different today. I am going to give you guys a sample day of my life. I will show you what I eat, and what I do in a normal day.


Wake up!

7 or 8a.m – I make breakfast (Breakfast consists of 4 pieces of light wheat bread, and 4-8 egg whites, with no butter. I usually make a few egg sandwiches. I put Spinach on the sandwiches to add fiber, and a serving of veggies.

– I exercise. I do 2 hours of walking (usually consisting of 4-6 miles) or I go to the YMCA, and work out for about an hour, or an hour and a half. The machines I use are usually the Elliptical, or Arc Trainers. –

I go home, and eat lunch. I usually eat a salad, with a piece of chicken on it. This usually consists of many different veggies. Use your head on what you think would taste good for you.

I will drink some diet soda, or some coffee throughout the day.

I usually eat a snack during the day. I will either have some type of fruit, or baked potato chips, or another small salad. I love salads!

I try to walk another mile throughout the day.

I drink 6-10 glasses of water a day.

When the day ends, I usually get bored.. so I tend to wanna eat. I usually will grab a few hard boiled eggs.. or make myself some tuna fish, and make a half of tuna fish sandwhich.


I know some of these things look odd, but this has helped me lose a bunch of weight. Like I said, this is just a sample day of my diet, and fitness activities. I will include more as the weeks progress!

Keep an eye out for the newsletter being sent tomorrow!


The National Enquirer (See More Inside)

The National Enquirer (See More Inside)

Hey guys,

I was contacted by The National Enquirer yesterday (May 20th 2009.) They interviewed me over the phone, and are going to do a article on me, and share my story. I will let you know when it is released and such. I am excited to see where this goes. I pray/hope that this article will change the lives of some people. We should all be praying that lives will be touched, and changed. I believe these things are possible.

Thank you everyone who has helped so far! I am excited about the upcoming possibilities! THANK YOU AGAIN!!


-In Christ

May 18th – Healthy Tip of the Week!

May 18th – Healthy Tip of the Week!

Hey guys!

     It’s been a bit, but I am here to offer you some new healthy tips of the week.


Healthy Tip#1 – Don’t do it the low carb way! I hear many people trying to do a low carb diet. You need carbohydrates for energy! Carbs give you energy throughout the day.  When we limit carbs, you do lose weight… but it is not the healthy way to do it. A few things low carb diets can do to you.

1. It causes bad breath. YIKES!
2. It can lead to dehydration (Dehydration can cause other types of problems).
3. Constipation (Stinks not being able to poop.) haha!
4. Vitamin Deficiency (This can lead to many other problems as well.)

The key to lose maintain a healthy lifestyle, is to include carbs, protein, and fats. You need all three in your diet for the best results. What you feed your body today, will determine how it responds in the future. Your best bet is to eat lots of fruits, and veggies. This will help you get your vitamins, and minerals. They say 5 servings of fruit, and veggies a day can help reduce many types of diseases.

Healthy Tip#2 – Set some weightloss goals. Setting goals will help you stay on track. An example would be as follows…(I want to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks.) You aim for that goal, and you go all out until you reach it. If you reach your goal a few weeks early, good for you. Set up another goal. Don’t stop just because you reached your goal. Set another! It will help you stay motivated.


Thank you guys, keep your eyes open for the newsletter coming out tomorrow!


-In Christ

(Justin Willoughby)

WGRZ News (My Side)

WGRZ News (My Side)

Hey guys, I appreciated the fact that WGRZ News put me on the show. I am thankful for that. They forgot to mention some things that I wanted to get across. First off, my faith got me through this. If it wasn’t for Jesus, I would never have gotten through this weight. I would have died, and never would have experienced a good life.

Second, I had a lot of support from my church family, and many friends at the YMCA, and even friends who stuck near me the whole time. Larry Petry, Josh Hatcher, The Campbell Family (Gage, Dennis, Becky, Ariel), Chris Abrams, My Parents, Mike McAvoy, Marne McAvoy, Zoe Hatcher, Michelle M., wow.. so many friends. Those are just a few. Thank you everyone for your help! I love you all! I am thankful for your inspiration!

Thank you everyone who has been praying for me, and seeing Jesus through me. Please continue to pray for me, as I do need to lose another 50 pounds.

Once again, thank you!

Monday May 11th – (Healthy Tip of the Week)

Monday May 11th – (Healthy Tip of the Week)

Hey guys,

It’s Justin Willoughby filling you in on the health tip of the week!

Health Tip #1 – Eat your fruit! Did you know high fiber foods make you feel full longer? I have practised this little recommendation, and I have found that it does indeed work. You can get high fiber from many different foods. (Apples, Spinach, Whole grains, Popcorn, Sweet Potatoes, Oatmeal, and more.) Those are just some, you can check the labels on the food to see just how much fiber is in the food selection. This will help you feel full longer, and you will want to eat less.

Health Tip #2 – Make sure you drink your water. Staying hydrated is important for a healthy diet. If you want to remain healthy, you will want to drink plenty of water. Water has no calories, it will not make you gain any weight. The only weight you will gain from water is from it sitting in your stomach after you drink it. Water will help you have a full feeling, water will help you feel better, and it will also make your skin feel softer over time. Water has many benefits, did you know water makes up most of the human body? Interesting how God made us that way isn’t it?


Thank you guys! Don’t forget to sign up for the weekly newsletter. For signing up, you recieve an extra tip of the week that you will not see on my website. I encourage you to sign up!

WGRZ TV Buffalo – Teen Loses 500 Pounds

WGRZ TV Buffalo – Teen Loses 500 Pounds

This Article appeared on WGRZ TV in Buffalo along with a video story a couple years ago.

Justin has continued to lose weight. To find out more about his most recent weight loss milestone, check out this post: Bradford’s Biggest Loser

Teen Loses 500 Pounds

by Robin Young


A life can be changed, even saved, just a few steps at a time.

That is the story of 19-year-old Justin Willoughby’s life.

The Bradford, Pennsylvania teen weighed 800 pounds when he was 16 years old.

“I felt like I was trapped inside a prison I couldn’t get out of,” Justin said.

Justin said he was always a heavy boy, but his weight really ballooned when he was in junior high school. He said he has an anxiety disorder, and he turned to food for comfort.

“Morning, (I’d have) maybe three sandwiches for breakfast, or sometimes eggs and sausage. I don’t remember how many,” Justin said. The rest of the day would be full of snacks like more sandwiches and large bowls of sweet cereal, candy, cookies, and whole milk.

On top of that, he never exercised.

By the time Justin was in the tenth grade, he was being home schooled and weighed 800 pounds. He was so heavy, his foot once broke through the floor of his home.

“I couldn’t even go to the bathroom by myself,” he recalls. “I couldn’t bathe myself.”

Justin admits his parents implored him to lose weight, but he ignored their pleas.

“We tried to tell him, you’re gaining, you’re gaining. You’ve got to stop,” said Justin’s mother, Diane. “He said no, I don’t have to.”

The tide changed when Justin had to visit his doctor to retain him. It had been well over a year since his last visit, and his weight had greatly increased.

“I couldn’t even get down my steps, I was so big,” Justin said.

Somehow, he made it to his doctor’s office, where the reaction was one of shock, and Justin was sent to Presbyterian Hospital of Pittsburgh.

There, doctors gave him a stern warning.

“Sitting on that bed, the doctors said, Justin, you’re going to die if you don’t do something about it,” Justin said.

That’s when his three and a half year weight loss work began. Without surgery or drugs, but with the help of a physical therapist and nutritionist, Justin cut way back on how much he was eating, cut out candy and high fat foods, and substituted whole wheat bread and pasta for plain white carbs.

He also started moving again, one step at a time.

“Taking ten steps and sitting down, getting back up, taking ten steps, and sitting back down,” he said. Now he walks a mile or more.

Justin also has had two surgeries to remove excess skin from his body. One procedure removed 20 pounds from his chest and abdomen. Another surgery removed more than ten pounds of skin from his arms and legs, and he faces two more procedures.

Justin said he is now down to about 310 pounds, and his dream is to weigh around 200.

“You’ve got to want it yourself,” he said. “It’s either you live the rest of your life overweight, or you do something about it.”

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