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#weightlosswednesday Do You Want Success?

#weightlosswednesday Do You Want Success?

Success is a word defined differently by many. Some believe success is accomplishing something small. Some see success as accomplishing something big. We ALL have to understand that ALL forward progress is success.

Ways to be successful.

1. Make a goal.
2. Work towards that goal.
3. Continue to move forward, even after reaching that goal. Never be content with the present.

This will set you up for success.

No matter how big the success, it’s success. That is something to celebrate. Good job!

-Justin Willoughby
(One Step)


#transformationtuesday Meet Christi!

#transformationtuesday Meet Christi!

Meet Christi! I have had the priveledge to personal train Christi in the past. She is a hard worker. I am thankful she chose to stick with her healthy lifestyle. It’s because of her determination that she has a story. Here is her story.




“Growing up I was heavier then all my friends but I never let it bother me. But the realization hit me in 2011 when I stepped on the scale and it said, 245. I realized that I needed to make some changes. On that day I told myself I will NEVER weigh that much again! Since then I have changed the way I eat and exercise on a daily bases. There are days that I don’t feel like going to the gym but I always feel better once I’m done with a workout. Just last month I lost a total of 50lbs and have been able to stay below 200. Yes it took me 3 years but I didn’t give up! All it takes is one step! Justin is a huge inspiration to me and is always there if you need some encouragement.”



Christi is an inspiration! Did she inspire you? It’s your turn to be a TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY story. You can take your first step by checking out my latest e-books!


My One Step Lifestyle Plan

Food Consumed Me: How I Overcame Food Addiction

Overcoming The Monday Mentality

Traveling? Snacks That I Approve.

Traveling? Snacks That I Approve.

We can’t avoid it. We all travel once in a while. Some of us travel long distances on a daily basis. I’m sure we’ve all been plagued with the traveling munchies. Instead of reaching for convenient sugary snacks, we should reach for healthier options.

A list I recommend?  Check them out.

Almonds: Smoked, plain, bbq,  wasabi,  etc. They all taste good to me. A serving satisfies my craving more than potato chips.

Peanuts: Filled with healthy fats. They are packed with protein to help you feel satisfied longer.

Carrots and hummus: I can eat carrots and hummus all day.

Cheese: Some convenient stores sell individual servings of cheese. Protein and fat and low in carbs. Cheese is packed with calcium and satisfying to the taste buds.

These are some of my suggestions. There are plenty more. Are you interested in the foods I ate to shed 600lbs? Check out my e-book here.


#weightlosswednesday Weight loss 101.

#weightlosswednesday Weight loss 101.

Hey friends,
We all know the basics of weight loss, but sometimes we forget. Let’s just do a quick recap of the common things to do to lose weight.

1. Eat healthier – Vegetables, fruits, moderation of whole grains, healthy cuts of meat, and some dairy.
2. Eat less junk – Skip the fried/processed foods and enjoy God-given foods.
3. Stop being lazy – Get up and change the TV station with your legs and hands. Park further away from the store.
4. Drink more water – This will help you stay hydrated and sometimes less hungry.
5. Exercise – Begin moving more. It’s a shame we can watch TV for 2 hours, but we cannot walk for 30 minutes.
6. Sleep – Make sure you sleep decent. Being deprived of sleep can make your metabolism slow down.
7. Stress less – Begin finding ways to relieve stress. Prayer and walking works for me.
8. Pray – God wants to hear from you. Tell Him your requests. He wants to help you shed pounds.
9. Study – Read up on others who have lost weight. Try to be inspired by their stories.
10. See a dietitian – Sometimes extra help is needed. Allow a dietitian to help you make a meal play.


#transformationtuesday Meet Pete!

#transformationtuesday Meet Pete!

Meet my friend Pete Tremblay! Pete has an awesome inspiring story that has potential to give you hope. Here is Pete’s story.

Being a Pastor is not the most active calling in life. Pam and I had never been very heavy people, but in a few short years we put on a lot of extra weight. Suddenly I had high blood pressure, tachycardia (fast pulse rate of 126 bpm), acid reflux, and no energy. I weighed 265 lbs., wore a 3X shirt and was about to move into pants with a waist size of 46 inches. We began to feel convicted about our need to be better stewards of the bodies God had given us. How could we fulfill our calling to serve others if we needed to be served because of lack of care of our physical bodies? I was also concerned about Pam’s family history of breast cancer. The cause of a great percentage of cancers is lifestyle. Our first step in the spring of 2011 was to connect with Christian Care Medishare; a Christian medical cost sharing program. Because of weight, blood pressure and other factors, we were assigned health coaches to meet with once each month. Their goal was to lead us on a path of lifestyle changes towards a more healthy physical profile.

Through “one step at a time” changes within 1 year we had together lost more than 100 lbs., I was no longer on blood pressure meds, my tachycardia was gone, as was the acid reflux, and we were off the coaching program. Pam and I never went on a diet. We consider the changes we have made to be permanent lifestyle changes. Our dietary changes included gradually decreasing animal products in our diet until we became practically vegetarians. We have added some fish, and occasionally some cheese and ice cream back into our diet. We eat whole grains in cereals, breads and pasta. We avoid sugar and especially high fructose corn syrup. We try to eat foods as close to the way God provided them for us. We also began to regularly exercise. We started small and worked our way up. Pam is more faithful in exercise than I am. She spends 45 minutes each morning with an exercise regimen on her Wii Fit, and a few exercise DVDs. My minimum goal is 2 miles in about 30 minutes on the treadmill. We are still in the change process.

Recently we joined the YMCA and intend on working out there at least 3 times per week, especially enjoying the pool. Our encouragement is this; whatever your age your physical condition; take a step to improve your health today. Take another step tomorrow. You will be surprised how far you can go “one step at a time”. Just ask my pal Justin.

-In Christ,
Pastor Pete and Pam Tremblay

You can start your own transformation by applying my tips and tricks. You can read about them in my e-books. Simply check them out.

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