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Overcoming Addiction Is Possible!

Overcoming Addiction Is Possible!

Addiction is real. Sometimes we feel like we are controlled by it. Why is that? It’s because we give ourselves 100% to whatever it is that we are addicted to. What if we decided to see that for what it is? What if we confessed that we had an addiction to something. What if we admitted it? Would that make it so we could start searching for the possibility of recovery?

See, I believe that admitting that you have an addiction is the first step to becoming better. It’s the first step needed to actually get the help needed. Nothing will change unless you decide to admit to yourself that change is needed.

This isn’t a book pitch. This is a heart to heart from me. If you sit here reading that and you have an addiction to something. Admit it. Stop kidding yourself and admit that you have an addiction and you need to change. Then you need to take the necessary steps to make those changes happen. Set up an appointment to a councilor. Talk to someone. Ask for prayer. The list goes on and on. Today could be your day to change. Why wait another day? The sooner you take action, the sooner you will see results.

-Justin Willoughbyaddiction