It’s time for an adventure…

It’s time for an adventure…



  • People who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • People who are ready for an adventure – for a journey toward physical and spiritual health.
  • People who are willing to commit to reading an email for 30 days in April.
  • People who are willing to discuss, examine, and grow together.

Don’t sign up if:
You aren’t willing to try something new.
You don’t have an open mind.
You want to stay who you are and where you are.

I know that change isn’t easy. I know growth isn’t easy. And if it weren’t for some amazing people who took the time to invest into my life, and for the amazing friends who challenged me on a spiritual level, I would never have been able to succeed at losing 600 pounds. Health isn’t just about getting skinny, it isn’t just about eating good food and moving more… it’s a spiritual thing, and spiritual growth happens best in community. So let’s see what we can accomplish together!

This page will only be open until the last week in March – and then I’m going to close up signups. If you want to try a new adventure – to start a new journey – to grow and be encouraged – then this is your chance.

If you are ready for a new adventure… sign up now.

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Losing weight WITH THE OUTDOORS! Meet Neil Brennen. #TransformationTuesday

Losing weight WITH THE OUTDOORS! Meet Neil Brennen. #TransformationTuesday

I love meeting people and finding out their amazing stories. I am honored to share Neil Brennen’s story with you. I had the privledge to meet Neil. He is a very humble man. His story inspires me to remain active. Please read his story.

“My weight loss story started nine years ago. I was 400 pounds and couldn’t walk a city block without stopping to rest. Over the next 18 months I lost 160 pounds and went from potato to potential. I left the sedentary life behind and became the active man I’d always dreamed I could be. Four hundred pounds was a living death, and now I live every day. While my weight has fluctuated over the years, that’s only reminded me that changing your life is never once and done. Its always a work in progress. And its always work worth doing. I’m so glad I took one step back in January 2006. Its a step I will never take back.”



“That said, every day is a new day and I can’t rest on what I did before. I regained some weight before and after my bilateral knee replacement in 2012, and I’m working to take it off again. Justin Willoughby is a powerful example of commitment to health and weight loss, and as iron sharpens iron, he’s helping me remain focused. One step at a time.” – Neil Brennen



Are you inspired by Neil? I know that I am! You can find more about Neil Brennen at his website.
ATasteForTheWoods.com (Check out his blogs and his incredible journey.)