Days Off? I need your help!

We go through the whole week eating as healthy as possible, and suddenly we get so tired of eating the same old foods that we splurge on one day of the week. We go out to the buffets and have major portions of our favorite foods. What’s wrong with this picture? Honestly to me, I find this good and bad.

The goods: I noticed that if I do this, I do tend to lose a few more extra pounds the next week. Odd to say the least. Why does this happen? My guess would be that it speeds up the metabolism. Our bodies can adapt to what we are feeding it over time. If it is suddenly bombarded with a food that it isn’t use to having.. WHAM! Metabolism is in heaven for a few moments! This pumps it back up to where it starts butt kicking the unwanted fat and calories. Plus… it keeps me sane!

The Cons: First off it depends what the food is. Are you going off like me at times, and getting 12-20 chicken wings and chugging them down one after the other? Are you going off and buying a whole pizza and splitting it with your friend? Are you purchasing a half gallon of ice cream and eating it down in one sitting? As you can see some of these things can be very bad for your overall health. But what if we just do them once in a while? I really don’t have the answers for you on this. I know too much fat isn’t good for anyone. Chicken wings or chinese buffets offer a fried treat.. yet our hearts are screaming NOOOOO!!! So really, I am torn between what is right and wrong.

Also.. If I don’t treat myself I GO CRAZY! I need something out of the ordinary to keep me focused throughout the rest of the week. So I want to hear your thoughts on this subject. Do you think it’s cool to splurge or treat yourself to a food one day a week? Let me know!