#motivationmonday Your Food Addiction Can Cause These Problems…

I was thinking today. I noticed when I decide to eat cleaner and not overindulge in food, I tend to not have as many issues to face.

For instance..

1. When I overeat and indulge, and give into my addiction, I feel agitated and distracted for most of the day. I feel as if my attention is all over food. What will I eat next? My stomach is growling. That means I have to eat something that will satisfy me. All these thoughts go through my head. When I give my thoughts over to food like that, I tend to be distracted to what I really should be focusing on.

Answer: Focus your thoughts back on what truly matters at that moment. Food is just that, it’s food. It will be there when you are done with your task. I lean towards finding my answers in The Bible. God tells us to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. In other words, don’t focus on the temptations and the thoughts that distract us from what we should be thinking about. Focus on whatever is good, right, true, lovely, admirable. When we retrain our thoughts, we can beat this addiction. (REF: Philippians 4:8)

2. When I overeat, I feel ugly, fat, and disgusting. This will impact my mood and I won’t act like the Justin I want to act like. I will act like a Justin who is totally different. Have you been there? My wife goes to talk to me but I am so miserable about myself, I tend to react in ways that I shouldn’t be reacting.

Answer: When you are tempted to overeat, try battling it with eating healthier more fulfilling foods. Try eating fruit instead of candy. Most of us don’t eat more than one banana, but we will go crazy on cookies and other treats. Try finding something different to do. Find something that will distract you from overeating. Maybe you will need to eat and then focus on a hobby. Try going for a walk, honestly, this can take your mind off of food. If we were to walk instead of giving into a junk food craving, we would save ourselves a lot of heartache.

Some of us may need less distractions. Some of us watch TV or search the internet as we eat. This can lead to mindless eating. If you’re eating and not thinking, you could end up eating more than you should.  Try treating food as if it’s a guest who deserves your respect and undivided attention. Focus, eat, and say goodbye or until next time.

This is a short list, but I touch on more in my upcoming e-book..
(Food Consumed Me: How I Overcame Food Addiction.)

The e-book will be available on my website on July 15th. Get ready to defeat this addiction!

-Justin Willoughby