#weightlosswednesday Weight loss 101.

Hey friends,
We all know the basics of weight loss, but sometimes we forget. Let’s just do a quick recap of the common things to do to lose weight.

1. Eat healthier – Vegetables, fruits, moderation of whole grains, healthy cuts of meat, and some dairy.
2. Eat less junk – Skip the fried/processed foods and enjoy God-given foods.
3. Stop being lazy – Get up and change the TV station with your legs and hands. Park further away from the store.
4. Drink more water – This will help you stay hydrated and sometimes less hungry.
5. Exercise – Begin moving more. It’s a shame we can watch TV for 2 hours, but we cannot walk for 30 minutes.
6. Sleep – Make sure you sleep decent. Being deprived of sleep can make your metabolism slow down.
7. Stress less – Begin finding ways to relieve stress. Prayer and walking works for me.
8. Pray – God wants to hear from you. Tell Him your requests. He wants to help you shed pounds.
9. Study – Read up on others who have lost weight. Try to be inspired by their stories.
10. See a dietitian – Sometimes extra help is needed. Allow a dietitian to help you make a meal play.