62 Day Challenge (What I’ve Learned Thus Far….)

I was tired of stacking on a little extra weight. I let my guard down and gained a little back. Why? Because I relaxed and got lazy. The important thing is though, I caught it before it really got out of hand. If I am not careful, food can seriously take hold of my life and destroy it.  That’s why I decided to challenge myself to fight against this addiction to food. Many have asked what I’ve been doing, and what I am experiencing as I am taking this 62 Day Challenge.

Question: Why 62 days?

Answer: I wanted to take 2 months to get myself out of the habit or relaxing on my food choices and food consumption.

Question: What do you eat?

Answer: I am eating foods that work well with my body. We all should be in-tune with our bodies and how they respond to certain foods. I happen to be VERY carb sensitive. So I have to be careful on many carbohydrates I take in on any given day. I don’t count carbs, but I do eat foods with lower sugar, and less carbohydrates. I am a big fan of berries, vegetables, proteins, fats, and a small amount of dairy. I eat roughly 4 meals per day. I try to stay away from processed high sodium foods such as lunch meats and hot dogs. I can’t always escape them, but I do best when I don’t eat them very often. I will be writing an e-book that talks about my ONE STEP 62 Day Challenge very soon.  However, I don’t think there is a ONE-SIZE FITS ALL food list. Learn your body and watch how it responds to certain foods.

Question: How do you battle the temptation?

Answer: It’s not easy. It’s a mental game you have to play against yourself. I miss the pizza, cakes, ice cream, etc. I just want to see results. I know what I want to see in my body, and I won’t let a temporary struggle get me off my wagon. I want results. I often remember who it is that I live for, and I find Him enough to fulfill me. Food doesn’t consume me. I consume food!

Question: How often do you exercise with the 62 day challenge?

Answer: I workout 5-6 days per week. I am believer in activity. If you want faster results, you have to get exercising. If you are fine with a slow weight loss, then I suggest less exercise. I am all about activity. I will include my workouts in my upcoming e-book. I will say I do workout about 60-80 minutes per session. If I don’t have the time to workout, I go harder for a shorter amount of time and I watch what I eat even closer.

So here I am! I noticed a fluctuation in weight as I begin to really learn how my body responds to foods. I lost a total of 10.5lbs thus far in 18 days. I have gained 4 pounds back, lost 2 more of those pounds, etc. It’s a learning process. I find that I am safe if I stop eating past 6:30p.m. For me personally, if I eat past that time, it’s a safe bet that I will store some water weight.

My final words for this blog……? Simple…

Stop trying to get a quick fix with weight loss. Losing weight is not convenient, and it never will be. You will need to put in the hard work. You will need to sacrifice and not give up. You will need to say NO and learn to control your cravings. This is not some easy task. It’s a constant struggle to give up and start all over again the next day. Why do that? My clothes fit better. I feel healthier. I like the way my body is starting to look. Those results far outweigh the desire to cheat. Will I stick with it after the 62 days? Maybe not as strict. I can tell you tho, I am learning how my body responds to certain foods, and I will make sure I keep those foods on my grocery list. Thanks for reading! I hope it answers some of your questions.

-Justin Willoughby