Tips for working out!

Hey guys,

I’ve noticed many times when I am in the gym.. I get bored.. tired.. and I just don’t want to do a machine for an hour straight. YIKES! That is so crazy! Now don’t get me wrong.. I do it at times, but most of the time I switch it up. Here is a routine for those who are use to working out, but want to switch it up!

Start with – 5-10 minutes of walking. This could be done on a treadmill or a track.

Second – Begin a 20-30 minute cardio session. Here’s the thing though.. make sure you just don’t keep your resistance on easy the whole entire time. You need to challenge yourself. Check your heart rate and get it up a bit.

Third – Go do some weights. Target 2-3 areas of your body, and work on them for 15-20 minutes. Make sure you increase weight, and decrease reps. This will help you build muscle.

Fourth – Get back to the cardio for another 10-15 minutes!

Fifth – Cool down for 5-10 minutes. This includes walking at a slower pace.. this will get your heart rate down, and make your breathing easier.

Warning – IF you are not currently doing a workout routine… please see a doctor before you start. This regime is not for everyone. Some people may have to do less!