Cutting Calories!

Hello friends,

I haven’t updated this website in so long! It feels like it’s been a long time! Since the last time I posted something, I’ve learned quite a bit more. Some of the learning from experience, some of the learning from reading/studying. I would like to share some common ways to cut calories with you.

Condiments – Yes, this can add up! Just a serving of ketchup is 20 calories. One serving of mayo can be an easy 60-100 calories. Adding relish can even add 15-30 calories. BBQ sauce on chicken? Yes, this can even add an extra 60-200 calories. It gets a bit crazy if you ask me. Every calorie can count in the long run. Be wise with the toppings!

Coffee Creamer – (10-20 calories) in one serving. If we just dropped the stuff, we would be better off. Don’t get me started on them yummy seasonal creamers!

Butter – Not saying that ALL fat is bad. I enjoy eating healthy fats! Maybe just cut the butter in half.

Cheese – Do we really need the cheese? Why not cut the cheese in half? Instead of 2 slices, why not one slice? This will save you an additional 30-70 calories. Cheese in moderation, is not a bad choice. But if we don’t really need it on our sandwiches, why add it?

Light – I do support some “light” products, but I will not support all of them. Most “light” versions of food end up containing extra sodium, sugars, and hidden ingredients. Read your labels! I do eat fat free/light cheese and yogurt. I do buy breads that are lower in calories, I do get light dressings when it comes to dining out. Check your labels, and know your facts. Sometimes, the whole fat free/light hype isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. Don’t rob yourself of important fats.

My prayer is that you take what I have learned, and learn from it yourself. I pray this will spark an interest within you, and help you live a longer, healthier lifestyle. Life is a gift, and we should treat it as such.

-Justin Willoughby