Justin’s Live Taping event (Sat. May 29, 2010)

Hey Friends,

Larry here for Justinwilloughby.com. Last Saturday evening, Justin did a tremendous job in sharing his story of life-changing weight loss. We had a crowd of over 40 people that showed up in support. A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out, and all those who helped with this event. We’re really excited about the results of the taping, and we will keep you all informed when the DVD’s are ready.

Some words from Justin on the taping event:

      I found Saturday to be a success. It really meant a lot to me to see people come out to support me, especially on a holiday weekend. I am excited about getting DVD’s made for the people who didn’t get to come out on Saturday. Emotions were flying through me that night. I pray God gave me the words to use throughout the night. I’m sure some lives were impacted! My prayer is that it inspired people to make healthier decisions, and to become a better version of themselves while they are at it. To me… everyone has a story.. mine is just one of them. I pray they use their story to communicate that change is possible. I hope they understood that whatever they’re struggling with, it’s possible to overcome it. I appreciated the time and energy that was put into the night. Thank you everyone for coming out! God bless you!

                                                                                                                                                                                                           -Justin Willoughby

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