Hip-hop show in Salamanca

Current mood:  grateful

We had a great night tonight!

It was sweet performing in Jefferson (St) Park. A lot of people were just chillin, hanging out on blankets or lawn chairs. It’s always a great atmosphere doing an outdoor show.

Thanks to Chris R for inviting us out and running the sound set up.

Thanks to Joe for being brave and sharing your story. thanks to Trev for videotaping us.

Larry’s voice was going fast. He might not have made it through another song. 🙂

We gave away our shark. Apparently, his name is now “Lightning Crushes Googly-Goo.”

We’re praying that Timothy is reconcilled to his mother.
Praying that Trisha finds true friends in the church (and way to go on your decision tonight!)

We met Randi and Amber…. hope they keep on seeking the Truth.

Zach… keep writing! You’ve got a gift! Let Him use your story!

John… keep teaching those kids. You’re making a difference.

We’ve been amazed and humbled at the support and feedback we’ve been getting.
We pray that the music and the message encourages you all ten times as much as you’ve been encouraging us!

More good things to come!