THE ONE STEP NATION! 3 Practical Ways To See Change!

Change can only happen if we allow it. Join me and the rest of THE ONE STEP NATION and begin your change! Addiction? Remember that overcoming that addiction is possible.  Stuck? There is a way to become unstuck!

1. Realize you have a purpose – You were created for so much more than food/substances. Your purpose goes deeper than those things. You were created by God and for God. Until you recognize that, you won’t feel like you have a purpose.

2.  Find motivating factors – Find things that motivate you to stay on track.

3. Accountability – This is where you have to allow others to be in your business. Find people who will hold you accountable, who will help you on your journey. Give them daily questions to ask you. Let me just say, you may have to be the one to call/text/email them first. Don’t blame others for “not” taking the time on you. You are responsible for you. If they don’t check in on you, check in with them.

You can see more of these tips that changed my life by purchasing my e-book. FOOD CONSUMED ME: HOW I OVERCAME FOOD ADDICTION. You don’t have an addiction to food? That’s fine! I am sure this e-book can help you in other ways. What are you waiting for? Let’s join the rest of THE ONE STEP NATION and become a better version of you.

-Justin Willoughby DIGITAL CAMERA