Hey guys,

It’s Justin Willoughby here. I’d like to share the latest with you all! Here’s the scoop.. I’ve been working on small weekly videos for all of you to check out. My hope is that these videos will be inspirational and informative. My goal is for you to be inspired, and to learn something here. I’ve also been increasing my cardiovascular exercises; Challenging myself to run further.. to keep more active. I always try to be smart with this.. do what you can do.. but don’t over do it. 🙂

I’d also like to introduce you to one of my best friends, Larry Petry. He will be posting some stuff about me throughout the coming weeks. I can’t always make it on this website.. so he can pick up the slack and inform you guys on what is happening in my life. Larry has touched my life in many ways. He has been a brother for me when nobody else was.. his heart for Jesus is amazing.. he loves to challenge people as well. It’s my hope that you will accept his words here on I’m proud to have him aboard.

I’m Justin Willoughby, and remember.. it just takes ONE step!