Exercise (What’s the right pace?)

We have heard the familiar saying “NO PAIN! NO GAIN!” This is a false assumption. Exercise is suppose to help you, not kill you. So why do people push themselves so hard, that it looks like they are about to drop over dead? Well, there is a time to push yourself to an extent. Here is something to look at on the exercise chart.

At the start of your workout, you should warm up. This will limber up your muscles, and get the blood flowing! This will loosen you up and get you ready to go a bit harder. After 5 minutes, you want to increase resistance so it is a bit challenging, after this, you should increase a bit more. You want to get to the point to where if someone is talking to you, you should be able to answer them, however you shouldn’t be able to carry a full conversation during your exercise session. These are good guidelines to go by. I hope this gives you some good insight.

-Justin Willoughby