Increase Your Fat Burning Potential!

Hello my friends,

This is Justin Willoughby back at you with some weightloss help. I am excited to apply every new thing that I learn. I hope this will help you as much as it does me. We need to take control of our bodies! They are under our command. What we do to it.. that is how it will react! So let’s get into today’s helpful hints.

I want to talk about the foods that can help you reach your weightloss goal. Let’s get started shall we?

1. Milk/Yogurt/Cheese – These foods will help body composition! Why not give these foods a try? Make sure they are low fat! We need to watch the saturated fats in dairy products.. when we intake these fats in an abundance… it can lead to high cholesterol. One of the main contributors to heart disease.

2. Oats – Want to get rid of that pesky belly fat? You should start by eating a breakfast that contains Oats! Studies show that adding Oats or Barely to your diet can help reduce pesky belly fat. Belly fat should be kept to a minimal.

Green Tea – How much green tea do you need to reap its benefits? Studies suggest 4-6 cups a day! This can be a hard thing to do, especially if you aren’t a tea drinker. Stomach it up, and begin doing this. This will help increase metabolism! On top of your workout.. you got yourself a monster.. and I am not talking about the energy drink!

Eggs – Why eggs? Some people can’t stomach eggs, some people still have the idea that eggs contribute to high blood cholesterol. This is true to an extent, but also understand that new studies have come out. It’s not just the cholesterol in foods that make your cholesterol spike (this actually isn’t as bad as it was once thought.) It actually comes down to the saturated fats and trans fats. These fats contribute to high cholesterol. A few whole eggs every couple of days will not kill you. Unless you already have high cholesterol, and are under doctors supervision.. you can eat the whole egg once in a while. I choose to eat the egg white. I usually add some yolk to my eggs, but not a huge amount. One egg has 70 calories. One egg white has 18 calories. A big difference!

Walnuts & Almonds – These foods offer a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Studies show that fatty acids may reduce fat mass. If you are not into eating fish, you can get the same benefits from these nuts. But don’t go overboard on them! They are packed with calories. So if you are trying to lose weight, you may want to limit them.

Salmon – My favorite on the list of fat burning foods. Salmon also contains Omega 3 fatty acids! These fats contribute to a healthy heart. They increase the HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease the LDL (bad cholesterol). This is a good thing ladies and gentlemen.

Apples/Pears/Sweet Peppers – The source of the magic behind these foods? Flavonoids! (

flavonoids  are widely disbursed throughout plants and are what give the flowers and fruits of many plants their vibrant colors. They also play a role in protecting the plants from microbe and insect attacks. More importantly, the consumption of foods containing flavonoids has been linked to numerous health benefits. Though research shows flavonoids alone provide minimal antioxidant benefit due to slow absorption by the body, there is indication that they biologically trigger the production of natural enzymes that fight disease. -(Cited from Not only do they fight fat, they are very healthy for you.

Flax Seed – This is one of the easiest foods to apply to your diet. Flax seed can be consumed in a variety of ways. You can get flax oil which is an obvious oil based way of getting the benefits. You can get it milled. You can sprinkle it on salads,  put it in your yogurt, put it in your cereal. You can also buy bread that contains flax seed. Some cereals also contain flax seed. How can flax seed help you burn fat? They offer something called Lignans, which are chemical compounds found in plants. These contribute to help fight fat and help in many different ways. For more information on flax seed and how you can add it to your diet. You can go to this website. (

Remember, just reading this information will not change a thing. You must apply it, and by applying it, you will see transformation in your daily lives. I believe in you! I am praying for each and every single person who has contacted me by facebook, e-mail, mail, phone. God is good! HE wants us to have a GREAT LIFE! We can do this by having discipline, and self control! PLEASE take these words seriously! I am 100% confident that through Christ.. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Let’s believe together!

-Justin Willoughby