Is the scale broken!?!?!

How many times have we worked out really hard, and we hopped on the scale and it read no loss.. or worse.. what if it read a 2 pound gain? What do we do? Do you just give up and say it’s not worth it?

Let’s examine this little session of weighing in. A few factors come into play here. We can see a few common reasons on why you gained some weight instead of losing. Let’s evaluate!

-You drank water. (Drinking water before doing a workout is a good thing. Sometimes that water doesn’t budge. You may sweat.. but it just doesn’t get rid of all the water you consumed. Don’t get upset!! It’s just water weight.

-Clothing! (Yes, sometimes we weigh more with certain types of clothing that we wear. Jeans obviously weigh more than shorts. Some shirts that are longer may weigh a few more ounces. The sweat in our clothes may add weight to the scale. Many factors can contribute to weight gain because of clothing.

– Muscle (Yes.. we have heard this. When you start lifting weights or doing harder cardio. You will gain muscle. Muscle will weigh more than fat.. and sometimes this can discourage you. Remember.. MUSCLE IS GOOD! It burns more fat at rest.)

There are many more reasons on why you can gain a few pounds even while doing it the “right” way. I will give some more tid bits and information through the members section very soon. If you are interested…please be on the lookout for this section.

We will be offering some very valuable information that you don’t wanna miss!

-Justin Willoughby
(One Step)