It’s SO HOT!!!!

The summer time brings us warm weather and humidity. What do we do when this happens? Usually we stay indoors and take it easy. I’m here to tell you, don’t take it that easy. Yes, it’s not good to strain yourself in a hot day. I wouldn’t go jogging/walking in 90 degree weather. But there are some ways around this whole heat wave thing. Here are some tips.

1. Get up earlier in the morning or don’t get ready for bed too early. It usually doesn’t get warmer until late morning and through the afternoon. Gather up some discipline and get moving a little earlier or later. This will make it easier to avoid the extreme temeratures (or humdity).

2. Drink a bunch of water! Water will help you stay hydrated! This is important in warm weather.

3. Join a gym! Most gyms have air conditioning in them. I would suggest checking out your local YMCA or some other fitness center. Some of these places will even offer a scholarship program just in case you can’t afford the membership costs. I know most YMCA’s offer this.

Apply these tips to your workout schedule, and you can BEAT THE HEAT!

-Justin Willoughby