Monday June 8th, 2009! Healthy Tips Of The Week

I haven’t seen any comments about what you guys would like to learn about. So I guess I am going to go back into some random healthy tips. I am all about interaction, and I would love to hear from you.

Healthy Tip #1

You can enjoy the foods you like! Oh no, did I say you can enjoy something unhealthy!?!?!?! Yes you can, in moderation! As long as the treats are on occasion, and not everyday. Food can bring you pleasure, and pleasure can be good for your heart. =)


Healthy Tip # 2

Am I really hungry? That is a good question! You need to occasionally ask yourself this question. Sometimes us Americans can be emotional eaters. We eat when we are upset, when we are mad, sad, happy, bored, etc. Ask yourself if you are REALLY hungry! Often times I will head to my refrigerator and gaze into it, looking for something to eat, but the truth is, I am not hungry! I often find it difficult to not overeat when I am bored. This can save many people a lot of unwanted pounds. If you MUST eat, you should have something like fruit, or a vegetable, or maybe even a glass of water will do away with that emotional eating disorder.

Look for the newsletter tomorrow. I will be informing you on some new updates that are happening in my life. Thank you everyone who is making this website a hit. Please spread the word, and share the love.

God bless you!
-Justin Willoughby