#transformationtuesday (Here’s How You Can Transform Your Body!)

Transformation Tuesday is probably my favorite day of the week. I love reading about the stories of people who once had an obstacle in front of them, to people who have overcome those obstacles. Some of us look at those stories and we think, “why not me?” I want to encourage you. It can be you! You just have to take the step to do be transformed. How awesome would it be to see yourself featured on one of my Transformation Tuesday blogs? You can be the example to inspire many people to become healthier, and to overcome obstacles. It just takes YOU making ONE STEP to better yourself.

I want to share some FREE advice on how to TRANSFORM YOUR BODY!

1. Make up your mind. – CHOOSE IT! If you don’t choose to be overcome, then it just won’t happen. You can’t start something with a half-hearted approach and believe you will come out on top. That isn’t how it works. If I wasn’t serious about losing weight, I never would have done it. I had a HUGE obstacle to face. 799lbs was not an easy weight to overcome. Discouragement? YES! Frustration, YES! There was a constant battle going on in my mind. I wanted to give up at times, but I KNEW that I couldn’t. I wouldn’t! I had to overcome this. So I did. I am thankful to God that He helped me through that.

2. Be the example others look at. – Just overcoming weight issues or obstacles for yourself is nice, but how much better to do it for others? How many others are in our shoes? How many others need someone to lead them, encourage them, inspire them? You could be that person. Don’t rob the world of who YOU ARE and what YOU CAN DO. You will not believe the feeling of being looked at as an example. I stay humble. My answer? I am just an instrument pointing to  The One who helped me through this. I’m not the answer, but I am used to show you the answer.

I hope this helps. I am excited to see more Transformation Tuesday stories. You can be the next person to inspire many. I am praying that my readers will take that to heart.

-Justin Willoughby
(One Step)