#transformationtuesday – Jake Lost Over 100lbs!

It’s a real honor to meet people and to get to know their story. I have the priveldge of knowing Jake Hatcher and his story. I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me to keep going. Jake is an example of not quitting. He is an example of what faith can do. I am pleased to introduce to you, Jake Hatcher.


I asked Jake for some before pictures and some after pictures. I also asked him to type up his story. The following is what he gave me.




This is Jake Hatcher before.


“First of all yes meeting you and hearing your story inspired me to lose weight! I thought if he can lose 600lbs than I can loose 100!!! Here’s my story!!

I stepped on the scale and saw a number I never wanted to see. I was shocked and almost fell off the scale. I was also wearing larger clothes than I ever thought I would! I committed to 1 year of trying to lose weight! My 1 year goal was to lose 2 pounds a week for a total of 104lbs. I started this adventure before thanksgiving because every year I would gain about 10lbs over the holidays. So I started counting my calories before thanksgiving and sticking to my allotted calories each day using an app for my phone called lose it.

By January of 2013 instead of putting on 10lbs I had lost more than 10lbs!! Each time I hit a plateau I would do something more to decrease calories and increase exercise. Some time in march I gave up Ice cream and French fries and then by July (my next plateau) I gave up most all white flour, white rice, white sugar, and canned foods. I also became more active and lifted weights, mostly just lifestyle changes like walking, and riding bikes with my family, and going on hikes. By January 2014 I had lost 109 lbs!!!! And now it’s June and I’ve lost 120 lbs!!! I, like Justin, credit my weight loss to my faith in Jesus Christ. Throughout this journey I have been forced to face the deeper idols of my heart which drove me to my dependence on food. The Lord gave me strength and hope to accomplish this feat and find the self control needed, along with the discipline required to achieve this goal. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)” – Jake Hatcher


    (This is Jake now!)

    If you are a person of faith or not, you cannot deny results. It’s my prayer and hope that you see these real life stories, and you’ll begin to want to make a change in your body. Like Jake and myself.. it all starts with, ONE STEP.

-Justin Willoughby
Twitter: @1steplifestyle