Two BIG weightloss keys!

Hello everyone,

This is Justin Willoughby coming at you with some new tips for your healthy lifestyle. I am excited about the results people have been seeing by applying some practical steps to their lives. Here are a few more things you can do to improve your lifestyle and to lose more of those unwanted pounds.

Key 1: Liquids! I keep forgetting how important liquids are for your body. A great percentage of our bodies are made up of water.  We need to hydrate our bodies so they can keep working to the best of their ability. Studies suggest 8-12 (8 ounce) glasses of water a day. I recommend adding some type of tea to your diet. I drink cold/hot green tea. This has improved my energy level and my overall health. I drink 2-3 glasses of tea a day.

Key 2: Don’t stop exercising! I notice when I go 2-3 days without heading to the gym or without doing some type of physical activity, I usually end up gaining a few pounds and I notice my pants end up feeling a bit tighter. Find something active to do everyday. If you can’t make it to the gym, you can walk a good pace for a half hour after work or after you’re done with your busy day. These two key weight loss steps will help improve your results.


Thank you for your time! Please continue following the road of a healthy lifestyle. YOU CAN DO IT!