Update on my journey! (MORE POUNDS!!!)

Hello my friends,
I am still in this weight loss thing.. I pray it continues to decrease as I get more active, and eat healthier. I am now at the weight of 234 pounds. This will make my total loss around 570 pounds. The goal is to lose another 20-30! This is a huge step! My goal isn’t that far off! My exercise has increased and it’s becoming more challenging. I am not starting to run longer, and lift more! This makes my day a little harder to get through.. as I do get a little more tired. But!!!!! I will continue! God has not left me this whole time.. He is still giving me the boost to continue.

Also.. the music thing is getting better. I’m still in a rap duo called Panic Attack. Our music is getting more personal, and we pray it inspires people to get closer to Christ in hard situations. You can check us out at these sites. (www.reverbnation.com/attackmypanic) (www.myspace.com/attackmypanic) (www.youtube.com/attackmypanic) also you can become a fan of us on facebook. We appreciate all the support people give us!