Music or No Music!?!

Hey friends,

It’s Justin back with another updated post for you. I want to talk about something that helps me out tremendously during a workout! It’s called “MUSIC”! Music helps me out because I can get into it while working out. Without music, time seems to just drag on. Exercise just seems tougher and harder to complete.

The point I do want to get across here is this, music can help you ENJOY exercise! People can get into music, 2-4 songs go by, and you are already 10-20 minutes into your workout. Go 6 songs, and are nearly at 30 minutes. This helps time go by faster for me. It also helps me exercise a little bit harder. I get into music, the beat, the mood, and it impacts how I perform. I recommend this to anyone starting a workout program or even to those who already have a program all set.

Here is what you can do, get music that you enjoy. I am into hip hop; I like the fast pace, the beat, and the stories artists put into a song. The fast pace helps me move quicker, the beat helps me get into the song, the story makes time fly by.

This is just a little pointer on how to make your exercise session a little more fun for you. Very few people will settle for an exercise program if it is not fun. Music is one of those ways to make it fun.