Thoughts about Oprah Winfrey Show’s (ALL STAR Weight loss)

Hello friends,

It’s Justin back with another updated post for you all. I got word from some friends over text messages, that Oprah had a show today about people who lost a bunch of weight. I did not get to catch the show, but I checked ( which shows some of the before and after stories. I just want to say that ALL of those people deserve an applause! I commend everyone of those people who gave up their unhealthy lifestyle to trade it in for something so much BIGGER and better: LIFE ITSELF!

One person who stuck out to me, however, was Nancy Makin. She lost 530 pounds, and she lives to tell about it. She does have a book available for purchase. I will probably be picking up a copy! She should have some amazing things to tell us all!

Weight loss is a hard thing for most people. Some people can’t get past phase 1, cutting out the unhealthy foods. Some people get past phase 1 and never make it two days into phase 2 (exercise). With this combination the secret to losing weight is exposed. You can have the body you desire by cutting back on the food, and replacing it with healthier choices, and by exercising. This will transform you into a healthier person. The person God intended you and I to be.

I am supplying you guys with the link to Nancy’s story! I pray it inspires you! I also pray that I will be on Oprah one day; I would love to share my story with more and more people.

(The link to Nancy’s story)