#transformationtuesday Meet Christi!

Meet Christi! I have had the priveledge to personal train Christi in the past. She is a hard worker. I am thankful she chose to stick with her healthy lifestyle. It’s because of her determination that she has a story. Here is her story.




“Growing up I was heavier then all my friends but I never let it bother me. But the realization hit me in 2011 when I stepped on the scale and it said, 245. I realized that I needed to make some changes. On that day I told myself I will NEVER weigh that much again! Since then I have changed the way I eat and exercise on a daily bases. There are days that I don’t feel like going to the gym but I always feel better once I’m done with a workout. Just last month I lost a total of 50lbs and have been able to stay below 200. Yes it took me 3 years but I didn’t give up! All it takes is one step! Justin is a huge inspiration to me and is always there if you need some encouragement.”



Christi is an inspiration! Did she inspire you? It’s your turn to be a TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY story. You can take your first step by checking out my latest e-books!


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