Traveling? Snacks That I Approve.

We can’t avoid it. We all travel once in a while. Some of us travel long distances on a daily basis. I’m sure we’ve all been plagued with the traveling munchies. Instead of reaching for convenient sugary snacks, we should reach for healthier options.

A list I recommend?  Check them out.

Almonds: Smoked, plain, bbq,  wasabi,  etc. They all taste good to me. A serving satisfies my craving more than potato chips.

Peanuts: Filled with healthy fats. They are packed with protein to help you feel satisfied longer.

Carrots and hummus: I can eat carrots and hummus all day.

Cheese: Some convenient stores sell individual servings of cheese. Protein and fat and low in carbs. Cheese is packed with calcium and satisfying to the taste buds.

These are some of my suggestions. There are plenty more. Are you interested in the foods I ate to shed 600lbs? Check out my e-book here.