Healthy Tips of The Week June 23rd 2009

Hello my friends! Back at you with another healthy tip post!

The next 10 healthy tips I post will help you transform your life! You can become the person you have always wanted to be! Just by following these 10 HUGE steps!

Healthy Tip #1: – Get moving! – God has designed our bodies to move! Challenge yourself throughout the day to move. Some examples of that are – (Don’t use the remote control, use your actual t.v to change the stations. Walk on lunch breaks, take stairs instead of elevators, walk around your house during commercials.) We have so many different ways to keep active! Look for them throughout your daily routine. Studies show 10,000 steps a day are beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Tip #2: – Cut the fat! – But not all fat! – Fat in our diet is important. We need certain type of fats to stay healthy. The good fats are Monounsaturated fats, and Polyunsaturated fats! Both fats are essential for keeping your cholesterol in normal range. You want to cut the saturated fats, and the trans fats. You should also watch your cholesterol intake. Foods with a lot of fat include (Pork, fried foods, beef, ribs, sausage). Dairy products should be eaten in low fat versions. This will help you watch your fat intake.
Make little changes such as these, and you will see a big difference in your health, and your body!

Look for the next 8 tips within the coming weeks!